Personalized Property Management Portal

Must establish email and password  for entry to Personalized Property Management Portal.

The Homeowner Portal has several pages to help owners navigate their accounts and keep them informed and engaged with the community.

Dashboard – The Dashboard page gives an overview of the homeowner’s account information, balance, any upcoming scheduled payments if applicable, as well as their “Open Issues.” From the Dashboard, you can easily navigate to the other Portal Pages.

My Contact Info – homeowners can update any of their information, including mailing address, email, and phone number. They can also control what contact information is available on the directory, as well as their communication preferences. Once these changes are made in the portal. Any changes are also recorded on the Homeowner’s Activity Notes for future reference.

Billing – Owners can see the current state of their Account(s) balance, as well as make payments on each of those accounts in one convenient location. In addition, portal users can see their account history, along with any charges, adjustments, or payments. They can even download copies of their statements or Transaction Histories by clicking Download Report.  

My Items – homeowners can not only see outstanding or recently closed items for their account, but they can also submit new requests that will create a work order in the system.

The Discussions tab shows both Open and Recently Closed action items for the Homeowner’s Account(s) They can see the Status or Step of Action Items, open them to see any messages or steps meant for them, and even reply directly to your management with any questions or comments they may have.

Homeowners can submit various types of requests to the Management Team. Both Work Order and Homeowner Request Category Action items will appear here. Any Action Item created through this page will begin in the first numerical step, send to the appropriate person, and be attached to the Homeowner’s Vantaca account. 

Calendar & Events – the homeowner portal can show different events and important dates within the community.

Directory – Homeowners have access to their community’s directory.  Here they can see contact info for their boards, committee members, and fellow homeowners. Each homeowner can choose their Directory Preferences on the My Contact Info page. By default, both Email and Phone numbers are hidden from the Homeowner Directory.

Documents – Homeowners have access to the document’s setup for the Association. those documents include governing documents, Architectural Forms, Minutes, Financials, etc.