Contact and Request Service

Mel Kuppinger, Community Manager



Powerstone also has an Associate Manager, Dina Romero, who is available for assistance with work orders, gate issues, architectural applications and other property concerns.

Dina can be reached at or 760-797-7797.

Powerstone’s emergency line is 800-408-2242 for after-hours assistance on matters needing immediate attention. 


Complete this form and turn into management company by 10th of the month to make current month’s agenda. Please include any necessary samples with submission or this could cause delay.

This form must be submitted and approved prior to installing satellite dishes.

Satellite Dish Installation Guidelines

Read these guidelines prior to applying for satellite dish variance.

This form must be filled  out and sent to PPM in order to be put on waiting list for a storage unit at Riviera Gardens. Storage units are available to owners only and only one unit per owner no matter how many units you may own.